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Russian Oil Once Again Topped The Top Of The Russian Market Capitalization Company

- Aug 10, 2018 -

According to data from the Moscow Stock Exchange, Russian oil companies have surpassed the Russian Federal Savings Bank to become the Russian company with the highest market value.

According to the closing price of the exchange on the day, the total capital of the Russian oil company was as high as 4.535 billion rubles (about 486.236 billion yuan). The total capital of the Russian Federal Savings Bank is close to 453 billion rubles (about 486.02 billion yuan). Russian oil company shares rose 2.04%, 427.9 rubles per share (about 45.83 yuan), the Russian Federal Savings Bank shares fell 1.03%, 201.79 rubles per share (about 21.64 yuan).

On the 7th of this month, the Russian oil company's share price reached the highest in the history of 432.45 rubles (about 46.37 yuan).

The company was the champion of the highest market value of the Moscow Stock Exchange between April and November 2016.