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Main Classification Of Butterfly Valve

- Nov 11, 2017 -

By Drive mode:

(1) Electric butterfly valve

(2) Pneumatic butterfly valve

(3) Hydraulic butterfly valve

(4) Manual butterfly valve

By structural form:

(1) Center seal butterfly Valve

(2) Single eccentric seal butterfly valve

(3) Double eccentric seal butterfly valve

(4) Three eccentric seal butterfly valve

By sealing surface material:

(1) Soft seal butterfly valve.

1) The sealing pair is made of nonmetal soft materials by nonmetal soft material.

2) sealed by the metal hard material to the nonmetal soft material composition.

(2) Metal hard seal butterfly valve. The sealing pair is made of metal hard materials by hard metal material.

By sealed form:

(1) Forced seal butterfly valve.

1) Elastic seal butterfly valve. The valve seat is extruded and the valve seat or the valve plate is elastically generated by the sealing pressure when the valve is closed.

2) plus torque seal butterfly valve. The sealing pressure is generated by the torque applied to the valve shaft.

(2) Filling pressure seal butterfly valve. The sealing ratio pressure is produced by filling pressure of the cartridge seals on the seat or valve plate.

(3) Automatic sealing butterfly valve. The pressure of the seal is produced automatically by the dielectric press.

By the work pressure:

(1) Vacuum butterfly valve. The work pressure is below the standard heap atmosphere calendar butterfly valve.

(2) Low pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure pn<1. 6MPa butterfly valve.

(3) Medium pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN is 2. 5--6. 4MPa butterfly valve.

(4) High pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN is 10. 0--80. 0MPa butterfly valve.

(5) Ultra high pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure Pn>100mpa butterfly valve.

By working temperature:

(1) High temperature. t>450°c butterfly valve.

(2) Medium temperature butterfly valve. $number C<t<450℃ butterfly valve.

(3) normal temperature butterfly valve. A 40c<t<;120°c butterfly valve.

(4) Low temperature butterfly valve. A 100<t<-40°c butterfly valve.

(5) Ultra-low temperature butterfly valve. t< a 100°c butterfly valve.

By connection:

1. Wafer Type butterfly valve

The butterfly plate of the clamping butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. The valve is fully open.

The clamp butterfly valve has simple structure, small volume and light weight. Butterfly valve has elastic seal and metal seal two kinds of sealed type. The elastomeric seal valve, which can be embedded in the valve body or attached to the perimeter of the butterfly plate.

2. Flange type Butterfly valve

Flange-type butterfly valve for the vertical plate structure, stem for the whole metal hard seal valve seal ring, is a flexible graphite plate and stainless steel plate composite structure, installed on the valve body, butterfly plate sealing surface surfacing stainless steel. The sealing ring of the soft sealing valve is the nitrile rubber material, which is installed on the butterfly plate.

(1) Convex ear type butterfly valve.

(2) welding type butterfly valve.

Welded butterfly valve is a closed butterfly valve, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, power and other production process medium temperature ≤300℃ nominal pressure of 0.1MPA pipe, to connect, headstock or adjust the quality of the medium.