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How To Operate The Globe Valve

- Nov 11, 2017 -

For Globe valves, not only installation and maintenance, but also operation.

Closing valve, force should be smooth, not impact. Some of the high-pressure cut-off valves have been considered for the impact and the general cut-off valve can not be equated.

When the globe valve is fully open, the handwheel should be reversed a little, so that the thread between the tight, so as not to loose damage.

The Lu, the internal dirt is more, the cut-off valve can be slightly opened, using the medium of high-speed flow, will be washed away, and then gently closed (not fast close, close, in case of residual impurities pinch sealing surface), again open, so repeat many times, wash dirt, and then put into normal work.

Often open the globe valve, the cover may be sticky with dirt, close the same way to wash it clean, and then formally closed.

If the handwheel, the handle is damaged or lost, should be immediately matched, not using the active plate to replace, so as not to damage the valve STEM Quartet, open and close the spirit, so that in the production accident.

Some media, in the cut-off valve after the cooling, so that the valve contraction, the operator should be closed at the appropriate time again, so that the sealing surface does not leave a small seam, otherwise, the medium from the thin seam high-speed flow, very easy to erosion sealing surface.

Operation, if you find the operation too strenuous, should analyze the reason. If the filler is too tight, can be properly relaxed, such as stem skew, should notify personnel repair. Some cut-off valves, in the closed state, the closure of the heating expansion, causing difficulties to open; If you must open at this time, the valve cover thread can be loosened half circle to a circle, eliminate the stem stress, then the plate hands wheel.