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Saudi Arabian Oil Is Expected To Produce More Light Alkane Naphtha Next Year

- Dec 19, 2018 -

According to a report by Platts Energy on December 14 in Singapore, a source from Saudi Arabia’s Rabigh refinery and petrochemical company (Rabige Petroleum) said on Thursday night that the reformer has gradually increased its speed. Bige Oil expects to produce more light alkane naphtha next year.

The source added that the 750,000-barrel/day reformer under Rabigh Oil has started operating this year and is currently operating at speeds ranging from 50% to over 80%.

As the operating speed of the reformer is further increased, more high-density naphtha produced by the integrated refinery will be injected into the reformer.

According to the source, light naphtha separated from the full range of naphtha pools will be offered to the market.

Unlike North Asia's crackers, which use naphtha to produce olefins, Rabigh Oil's cracker uses ethane as a feedstock and has an ethylene capacity of 1.6 million tons per year.

Currently, the integrated refinery can produce one to two light naphtha per month. The paraffin content of light naphtha may be as high as 80% ~ 90%.