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Electric Actuator Industry Development Level And Future Trends

- Jan 15, 2019 -

With the rapid development of microelectronics, computers, communication network technology and mechatronics technology, intelligent electric actuators have appeared internationally since the 1990s. It is a new type of intelligent terminal actuator with a microprocessor. Since then, intelligence has formed a general trend in the development of actuators, and it is necessary to understand the development of intelligent electric actuators as soon as possible.

The development trend of intelligent electric actuators can be summarized as follows: mechatronics structure gradually replaces combined structure, intelligent control technology gradually replaces pure electronic control technology, and the function of communication technology is gradually replaced without communication technology, and digital control mode is gradually replaced. The traditional analog control method uses the non-contact debugging technology of infrared remote control to gradually replace the contact manual debugging technology, and so on.

When the intelligent electric actuator is connected to the Fieldbus, the intelligent actuator becomes a field instrument in the Fieldbus control system (F). At this time, it not only has the function of the actuator but also has functions of control, calculation, and communication. It can be seen that China's current generation of intelligent electric actuator products in line with Fieldbus is an inevitable trend for the future development of the executive organization. Its successful research and application have laid a good foundation for the further development of electric actuators and will give intelligence. Electric actuators bring broad market prospects.