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BGP Prospects Oman Nearly 40,000 Square Kilometers

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Yan Xiang'ji, the project manager of Oman Project Department of International Exploration Division of Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting INC., China National Petroleum Corporation, said in an interview on Jan. 02, 2018, "As of December 31, 2017, the company's total construction area in Oman Up to 38,689 square kilometers, and the safe construction is 4966 days, there is no loss of working hours for 13 consecutive years."

Nearly 40,000 square kilometers, accounting for 12.5% of Oman's total land area of over 300,000 square kilometers, it has surpassed the size of Hainan Island in China and equivalent to 2.36 visits to Beijing. However, the construction of the same area at abroad is more difficult than that in 

As a native of Oman, BGP personnel manager in Oman, Muhammad Salaam Omega told reporters that according to the requirements of local government and industry associations, the localization rate of employees in crude oil exploitation companies needs to be over 90%, and BGP Oil service company is also required to reach 82%.

"It is extremely difficult to make, but our local workforce up to 84%." Mohammed said that the ratio of Oman's native population to that of permanent residents is about 1.3: 1 and the most of the foreign nationals are Indian, Iranian, Pakistani, etc. Although hiring can be regarded as local employees as long as they are employed through a localized talent market, the conflicts and integration of various nationalities, beliefs, and cultures make the management of personnel difficult.

It is even harder to get the indigenous oil & gas services project through the partnership with the local oil company than hiring a local employee.

Vaccaro Ahmed, HSHS Manager, BGP Oman, has been involved in the BGP Pakistan project for 17 years. To his surprise, the HSSE standards they implemented in Pakistan that year were approved by Shell, the world's largest oil company, and a far cry from the PDO in Oman.

In June 2004, BGP 8622-team won the bid for the first time and started the PDO seismic exploration project. "At that time, our HSSE system was very basic and it was only 62 pages." Vaccaro told reporters that we eventually won the approval of the owners with the close cooperation and continuous improvement of our entire team, and PDO also said that there is something reward in China's standards. Varkar laughed, we now have more than a hundred pages of the system, and whether BP or other oil companies are taking us as the benchmark.

Data show that as of December 20, 8622-team total mileage of 44.07 million kilometers of safe driving, equivalent to around the earth 1100 laps, round trip to the moon 57 times.

To this end, Yasin PDO Exploration Manager sent a thank-you note to BGP Oman on the same day that the 8622 team reached its 13th consecutive year of safe operation on June 17, He said that for the past 13 years, BGP Oman has traveled all kinds of high-risk work areas including the northern desert area of HAIMA, making it without the lost time accidents, which is no easy.

"In the future closed cooperation, it is believed that the excellent management capabilities and commitment of BGP will help PDO to better meet the challenges," Yashin wrote in his letter of thanks.