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The application field of actuator

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Electric actuator mainly uses the following three major fields:

1. Power plants

Typical applications are:

① Thermal power industry application

Air Blower damper baffle, one-time inlet damper baffle, airflow pre-heated door baffle, flue gas recirculation, bypass damper bezel, two times inlet air damper bezel, main bellows damper baffle, burner lever, burner, swing drive, hydraulic push rod actuator, turbine speed control valve, steam regulating valve, ball valve and butterfly valve controls, sliding door, Gate.

② Other power industry valve actuator application

Ball valve, dust control sprinkler turbine speed control, control large hydraulic valve, gas control valve, burner ignition start steam control valve, condensate recirculation, deoxidation machine, boiler feedwater, overheat controller, reheat thermostat controller, and other related valve application.

2. Process Control

Used in chemical, petrochemical, mold, food, medicine, packaging and other industries of the production process control, in accordance with the established logic instructions or computer programs on valves, knives, pipes, baffles, chutes, platforms, such as accurate positioning, starting stop, opening and closing, turning, using the system detected temperature, pressure, flow, size, radiation, brightness, chroma, The system is adjusted by real-time parameters such as roughness, density and so on, which realizes the control of intermittent, continuous and cyclic process.

3. Industrial Automation

For a wide range of aviation, aerospace, military, machinery, metallurgy, mining, transportation, building materials and other aspects of the various types of automation equipment and system movement point (moving parts) of various forms of regulation and control.