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Safety Standard (Part TWO) Of XM Freet Electrical Actuator

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The main power supply should be cut off before opening any cover of SR actuator. And the actual operation should be performed by trained people who are responsible for installation, maintenance and repair. The process of installation, maintenance and repair must be carried out by the methods and processes specified in the manual.


The operators should be familiar with and abide by the international and national safety rules on electrical equipments. The cover of terminal block cabinet of SR actuator only can be opened when connection.


The set of all parameters of SR actuator can be performed by infrared setter or double-line control system. The opening of any cover is not required when setting the parameters of actuator after formal installation or in storage process.   


XM FREET will bear no responsibility for the damage of actuator caused by user’s opening of cover of electronic or electrical box on site.