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Safety Standard (Part One) Of XM Freet Electrical Actuator

- Dec 15, 2017 -

SR series actuator is a kind of new and fully intelligent electric valve-actuator. It  not only adopts unique double-sealed structure, but all parameters can be performed non-invasive set by infrared setter. Its unique multiple measures guarantee the safety, reliability and convenience of SR actuator.

SR actuator adopts double-sealed structure and O-ring seal, and its seal grade can reach IP68. Before delivery, the cable inlet of SR actuator is sealed by the bulkhead with screw thread, ensuring that the terminal block cabinet of actuator can be protected against water-gas invasion before wire connection. If the actuator cannot be installed immediately, it is suggested that it should be reserved in a clean and dry place with small temperature fluctuation.

Each SR actuator is given a comprehensive test before delivery. If it is given correct installation, connection, set and seal, then it  is able to operate for many years without failure.

When performing site installation and connection of SR actuator, you should properly seal the cable inlet according to relevant international or national regulations.

All the temporary bulkheads should be replaced and the unused cable inlet should be sealed according to relevant regulations.