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Flange Butterfly Valve Installation & Maintenance Manual - Part One

- Jan 26, 2018 -

The flanged butterfly valve is through the disc 90 ° turn to complete the opening and closing action of a bidirectional use of the valve can be manual, electric, pneumatic and corresponding extension rod operation. As a closure, conditioning equipment widely used in water projects, hydropower plants, petrochemicals, steel mills, paper, environmental protection and other water supply and drainage systems.

Product Features

1. The valve structure design is reasonable, simple and compact, to ensure the strength of the valve stiffness needs.

2. Disc adopts the truss structure design, big circulation area with the small flow resistance.

3. Stainless steel seat with overlay welding or rolling technology and the body form integral, so it is safe, reliable, corrosion-resistant and has the long service life.

4. The disc seal ring and the disc can be adjusted by the pressure ring fastening, making the seal adjustment in the best condition, to ensure close tight and zero leakage.

5. Eccentric structure design, the valve in the fully open position between the seal completely separated from the protection of the sealing surface from damage.

6. The disc and the shaft adopt the seal design to make the two closely integrated, no gaps, not loose.

7. Replace the disc seal is simple, without disassembly of the disc and shaft.

8. Shaft support using self-lubricating bearings, without oiling, heavy load capacity, small friction during operation.

9. The position of valve switch is accurate and the limit position is reliable. The contact interface between seal pair can ensure no leakage within ± 1 ° range.

10. Large size valve has a four-feet support, enabling vertical and horizontal installation.

Specifications and Standards

Nominal Diameter (DN): 100 ~ 4000mm 100 ~ 3400mm   10 ~ 2000 mm

Nominal Pressure (PN):  0.6MPa              1.0MPa             1.6MPa

Test Pressure Shell: 1.5 × PN

                   Sealing: 1.1 × PN

Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ 80℃

Applicable Medium: Gas, water, steam, coal gas and acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media

Design and Standard:

1. Products comply with GB / T12238-1989 "universal valve flange and butterfly valve connected to", JB / T 8527-1997 "metal seal butterfly valve" and API 609

2. Side flange connection in line with GB / T9115-2000 standard 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa flange connection standards.

3. Structure length in line with GB / T12221-1989 standards.

4. Test in line with GB / T13927-1992 "General Valve Pressure Test" standard.

5. The top flange connection in line with the provisions of ISO5211.

6. It can achieve manual, electric device operation. Hand wheel clockwise turns off, on the contrary, is open.