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Basic Structure of SR Actuator

- Feb 24, 2018 -

SR Electric Actuator.jpg

(1) Electric Cabinet Body

(2) Switching Handle

(3) Hand Wheel

(4) Electrical Motor

(5) Window

(6) On/off Turn Button (the black turn button)

(7) Cable Inlet

(8) Turn Button for Control Mode (the red turn button)

(9) Terminal Block Cabinet

Note: the "turn button for control mode" hereafter referred to as "red turn button", the on/off switch hereafter referred to as black turn button. 

Manual Operation

Press manual/electric switching handle, making it in the manual position. Rotate the

handwheel to put up the clutch, and then loosen the handle, and the handle will automatically be rebound

to the initial position. The hand wheel will be kept in a gearing state. The hand wheel

will not deviate automatically until the actuator performs the electronic operation, and after the

deviation, the hand wheel converts into an electric drive state. A padlock with 6.5m crampon

can be used to lock the clutch in any state if required.

Note: if the actuator cannot switch to the expected position when the manual/electric switching handle is pressed, please rotate the hand wheel position, and try again. Do

not switch compulsory, or the switching structure of actuator will be damaged.