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Multi-turn Electrical Actuator

Our SR intelligent electric actuator, also called multi turn electrical actuator, which can fast set and check through the infrared non-invasive setting. The actuator adopts the graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display to display the operating states and alarms such as torque, valve position and limit setting of the actuator in Chinese, figures and images, which greatly facilitates the user's operation. The actuator with automatic protection and explosion-proof function, even in hazardous areas without the need to open the working body electrical cover can be adjusted, check the parameters, fault diagnosis, the use of fieldbus communication card, can form a fully distributed and due to its advanced features, reliability and easy operation, the remote machine collaborative system realizes long-distance data acquisition, remote communication and remote diagnosis and maintenance, which are welcomed by the majority of users. In the fields of petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, water treatment and other industries has been widely used.

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QQ截图20171113102011.pngDouble sealed structure

QQ截图20171113102011.pngNon-intrusive design


QQ截图20171113102011.pngHall effect detection valve position
QQ截图20171113102011.pngManual switch, electric priority
QQ截图20171113102011.pngProtection: Torque protection,
QQ截图20171113102011.pngValve position limit protection,

QQ截图20171113102011.pngAutomatic phase sequence adjustment, instantaneous 

reverse protection,

QQ截图20171113102011.pngPower phase loss protection,
QQ截图20171113102011.pngOverheat protection, electrical protection
QQ截图20171113102011.pngValve position and torque detection
QQ截图20171113102011.pngGap timing operation

QQ截图20171113102011.pngImplementing agency commissioning and troubleshooting

QQ截图20171113102011.pngFieldbus control

2. TECHNICAL DATA                           

QQ截图20171113102011.pngInput signal: 4mA ~ 20mA, 1VDC ~ 5VDC

QQ截图20171113102011.png24VDC pulse and frequency signal, field bus signal

QQ截图20171113102011.pngPower supply: 380VAC / 50Hz, 220VAC / 50Hz, or customized according to customer requirements

QQ截图20171113102011.pngItinerary: Multi-turn

QQ截图20171113102011.pngOutput torque: 20 ~ 3000N.m

QQ截图20171113102011.pngThe basic error range: ≤ 1.0%

QQ截图20171113102011.pngTravel control unit Repeatability error: ≤1%

QQ截图20171113102011.pngProtection class: IP68

QQ截图20171113102011.pngExplosion-proof type: Exd IICT4

QQ截图20171113102011.pngAmbient temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

QQ截图20171113102011.pngInput and output channels are used optical isolation

QQ截图20171113102011.pngUse of environmental humidity: ≤ 95%

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