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High Performance Multi-turn Motor Actuator

The high performance actuator not only adopts unique double-sealed structure, but all parameters can be performed non-invasive set by infrared setter. This SR electric actuator is a kind of drive device that can provide rotary motion. It uses the single-phase or three-phase alternating current as the driving force and drives the motor to work under the weak electric control signal.

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QQ截图20171113102011.png1) Double sealed structure

QQ截图20171113102011.png2) Non-intrusive design


QQ截图20171113102011.png3) Hall effect detection valve position

QQ截图20171113102011.png4) Automatic phase sequence adjustment, instantaneous 

reverse protection,

QQ截图20171113102011.png5) Power phase loss protection,
QQ截图20171113102011.png6) Overheat protection, electrical protection
QQ截图20171113102011.png7) Valve position and torque detection
QQ截图20171113102011.png8) Gap timing operation
QQ截图20171113102011.png9) Implementing agency commissioning and troubleshooting 
QQ截图20171113102011.png10) Profibus control

2. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                      

QQ截图20171113102011.png1) Basic error: ≤ ± 1.0%

QQ截图20171113102011.png2) Backlash: ≤ 0.5%

QQ截图20171113102011.png3) Dead zone: 0 ~ 9.9% adjustable (only for adjustable electric actuator)

QQ截图20171113102011.png4) Damping characteristics: ≤ 3 times half-cycle (only adjustable electric actuator)

QQ截图20171113102011.png5) Startup characteristics: The actuator performance is not affected when the voltage deviation is ± 10% and the frequency deviation is   ± 5Hz. The actuator starts normally at a maximum pressure drop of 15% and operates at normal speed.

QQ截图20171113102011.png6) Insulation resistance

       Input terminals and the chassis: ≥ 20MΩ(500V voltage)
       Power terminals and the chassis: ≥ 50MΩ(500V voltage)
       Input terminals and power terminals: ≥ 50MΩ(500V voltage)

QQ截图20171113102011.png7) Dielectric strength

       Under the following test conditions, breakdown and arcing does not occur.
       Test voltage and frequency between input terminal and chassis: 500V 50Hz
       Test voltage and frequency between input terminal and power terminal: 500V 50Hz
       Test voltage and frequency between power terminal and chassis: 2000V 50 Hz

QQ截图20171113102011.png8) Ambient temperature range

       The actuator output travel change is less than 0.5% of the rated stroke when the temperature fluctuates per 10℃. And the output stroke change is less than 1% of the rated stroke if the voltage changes from the nominal value to Plus-n-Minus limit.

QQ截图20171113102011.png9) 48 hours of drift less than 0.5% of rated travel.

QQ截图20171113102011.png10) Output torque range: 40N.m ~ 20000N.m

QQ截图20171113102011.png11) Output speed: 12RPM-196RPM



QQ截图20171113102011.png1. Manual switching device

    Depressing the manual / automatic clutch allows the electric actuator to be in manual operation. When the electric actuator receives the electric control signal, it will automatically switch to the electric operation state.

QQ截图20171113102011.png2. Infrared setting

    The infrared setter can complete all the settings and diagnostics through the sealed indicator window. And there is no need to open the electrical cover for debugging at site, thus avoiding the internal control circuit exposed to the air and improved the reliability.

QQ截图20171113102011.png3. Local control

    Field Control Switches, Remote / Local Selector Internal magnetic reed switches enable the local and remote operation of electric actuators.

QQ截图20171113102011.png4. Valve position detection 

    Valve position detection uses Hall effect technology or photoelectric absolute encode technology to accurately measure and control the actuator travel without any conductive plastic with wear and drift, or with gears and switches.

QQ截图20171113102011.png5. Terminal box

    The SR is designed as a double-seal structure that protecting the integrity of the actuator seal without exposing the internal electronics to the air, even when the terminal box is opened for field wiring in dusty, moisture and other environments, so as to be effectively protected and improve the reliability.

QQ截图20171113102011.png6. Motor and torque detection 

    Motor shaft and worm are independent in order to facilitate rapid replacement. The low inertia and the high torque motor makes the motor can quickly reach the peak torque, but there is almost no over-run during the non-excitation. There is the accurate temperature sensor inside of the temperature coil, which is not affected by the ambient temperature to make it in the best heat capacity.

    Through its own unique torque detection device to ensure the overload protection of our actuator. The device accurately measures the reactive force of the motor worm thrust and converts it directly to an electrical signal of the proportional output torque, resulting in accurate and repeatable torque measurements independent of the grid frequency, voltage and temperature.

QQ截图20171113102011.png7. Connection

    The connection is according to the ISO 5210 / DIN3210 standard.

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