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Waterproof Type Quarter Turn Actuator

This SJ actuator series is the kind of electric quarter turn spring return actuator which is widely used for closing and opening a valve in emergency conditions.

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QQ截图20171113102011.png Digital real-time LCD display


QQ截图20171113102011.png Local control, remote control 
QQ截图20171113102011.png Status indication
QQ截图20171113102011.png Debugging without opening lid     
QQ截图20171113102011.png High intelligence
QQ截图20171113102011.png High efficiency and low noise
QQ截图20171113102011.png High protection
QQ截图20171113102011.png Self-locking
QQ截图20171113102011.png Clutch automatically reset
QQ截图20171113102011.png Operate the hand wheel
QQ截图20171113102011.png High torque, low inertia motor
QQ截图20171113102011.png Convenient wiring, fast
QQ截图20171113102011.png Absolute coding position sensor

2. TECHNICAL DATA                           

QQ截图20171113102011.png Protection class: IP 68

QQ截图20171113102011.png Power: 110 / 220VAC, single-phase 50 / 60Hz, 380 / 440VAC, three-phase 50 / 60Hz

QQ截图20171113102011.png Travel: 0 ~ 110 °

QQ截图20171113102011.png Output torque: 50 ~ 2100N.m

QQ截图20171113102011.png Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ +70℃, optional -30℃ ~ +70℃

QQ截图20171113102011.png Limit contact: 250VAC / 5A, the basic configuration open, the direction of each have a normally open limit contact

QQ截图20171113102011.png Torque contact: 250VAC / 5A, the basic configuration is no torque output torque contacts.


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